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                  Industry News

                  Injection mold cooling water leakage failure and troubleshooting

                  Date: 2019-09-19

                  Injection mold cooling water leakage failure and troubleshooting

                  First, due to long-term molding conditions, the waterproof ring inside the mold will be damaged, and the O-shaped waterproof rubber ring is easy to harden and crack, resulting in water leakage. Some waterproof rings are not properly installed and can cause seal failure. It is generally necessary to periodically check the installation position and sealing performance of the seal.

                  Second, the hole wall of the cooling water hole is broken. This often happens when trying out new molds. The wall thickness of the design is sufficient, but the hole of the hole is broken due to machining error or post-processing. In most cases, the water hole that leaks can no longer be used.

                  Third, the maintenance of the cooling water hole. It is easy to form scale in the cooling water hole, which hinders heat transfer. In severe cases, the water path is blocked and needs regular maintenance. For straight water holes, an iron bar smaller than the diameter of the cooling water hole can be inserted and tapped with a hammer to remove scale and rust. For the cooling water pipe buried in the mold, the mold should be decomposed to remove rust. Determine if the water hole is leaking. The water leakage can be blocked by mechanical fastening methods using elastic materials such as rubber and cork, and the room temperature curing type silica gel can be tried as a sealing material.

                  Fourth, regular maintenance of heating pipes and decompression pumps. The heating tube is an effective heat transfer element and is very effective for core cooling of deep and deep structures. In the area where the cooling water is easy to pass, a one-way heating pipe is provided to reduce water leakage. In addition, the use of a vacuum pump to pump cooling water is also a method of preventing leakage of cooling water.

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